Thursday, February 3, 2011

Security And Technology Make Sightline Number One

With their VeriFone Cash-Advance Kiosks, Sightline Payments LLC is getting rave reviews from clients, all extremely pleased with the reduction in the amount of turndowns and call-referral transactions, taking playing customers off the floor and in some cases out of the casino. Using the existing in-house networks and integrating their products such as the SmartStation, featuring lectronic-signature capture, checkless deposits, compliance features, high-speed transactions, reporting, self-exclusion and limit programs, Sightline Payments LLC has become a valued asset to casinos and other gaming industry establishments.

Sightline Payments LLC also offers state-of-the-art ATM security software with high-level IT support, thus minimizing the ever-increasing risk of computer fraud. Using the newest PCI tools, secure communications and firewalls, Sightline Payments offers secure, reliable and efficient cash-procurement solutions for the modern gaming industry.

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