Friday, December 17, 2010

Sightline Valuable Partner to Indian Tribes

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans visited gaming facilities owned and operated by Indian tribes in 2009, and Sightline Payments LLC is quickly becoming a much-valued partner with its innovative, secure and convenient financial products.

The Nooksack River Casino in Deming, Washington, is only one of the latest gaming facilities to reap the benefits of working with Sightline Payments LLC. Now marking its 17th anniversary, Nooksack partnered with Sightline Payments LLC for their Customer Appreciation Month this December, kicking off the celebration with a “Free Fee Days” SmartAdvance promotion.

Results reported were immediate and remarkable, as the Nooksack facility saw two to three times increases in the average ticket, and new customers who had historically been reluctant to use fee-based transactions.

Sightline Payments LLC is an industry leader in the gaming market, offering dramatically increased revenue and reduced costs for customers, and in particular the Indian tribe-operated facilities such as the Nooksack River Casino.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sightline Payments Offers National Service and Malleable Financing Terms

Outside of supplying the gaming industry’s #1 kiosk, Sightline Payments LLC has a contract in place to deliver incomparable nationwide service and malleable financing terms. When choosing Sightline Payments LLC you and your patrons will be backed with quality innovative products and services. Sightline Payments LLC only employs professional customer service teams to assist and narrow down any issue and always delivering the best outcome for the client.

Sightline Payments LLC Is The Superior Choice For Your Business

Sightline Payments LLC believes our competitive advantage simply boils down to better products and better service for less money. You can have confidence when choosing Sightline Payments LLC as your ticket redemption and cash access solutions partner knowing you have one of the industries most knowledgeable and experienced management teams behind you. With two-thirds or more of your gaming revenue being derived from cash access services coupled with the key operational importance of ticket redemption kiosks- Sightline Payments LLC believes it’s worth your time to look at another option for your business and your valued patrons.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Star 2011 ATM Fee Changes Effective April 1, 2011

The Star Network has published the following ATM fee changes. Effective April 1, 2011:

1) Elimination of Star ATM Convenience Fee
Effective April 1, 2011, Star is eliminating the $0.035 ATM Convenience fee on surcharged transactions.
2) Implementation of Star ATM Acquirer Fee.
Effective April 1, 2011, Star begins assessing an ATM Acquirer Fee of $0.05 on every Star ATM transaction for which interchange is paid. This fee is assessed on both surcharged and non-surcharged and financial and non-financial transactions.

The Star network pays interchange of $0.54 per ATM financial transaction and $0.25 per ATM non-financial transaction on off-premise ATMs. The net effect resulting from the ATM Acquirer Fee for an ATM financial transaction is $0.49; the net effect resulting from the ATM Acquirer Fee for an ATM non-financial transaction is $0.20.

About STAR
The STAR® Network enables consumers to use their ATM / debit cards to obtain cash and make purchases quickly and securely throughout the United States. With a singular focus on real-time debit payment processing for more than 25 years, STAR is committed to driving increased reliability, security, cardholder convenience, and choice wherever and whenever consumers demand access to their money. STAR puts its debit expertise and industry knowledge to use for its clients – which include financial institutions, retailers, processors and billers – delivering innovative services as well as market insights that help them increase the value they derive from their debit programs. For more information, visit

Helmed by gaming payments industry veterans Kirk Sanford, Tom Sears, and Diran Kludjian, Sightline Payments has invested considerably on innovative payment technologies to the gaming market ensuring the most reliable, secure, and convenient solutions for consumers to access their funds in a casino. Sightline’s transformational approach to the industry focuses on delivering solutions that none of their competitors offer that can generate new and meaningful revenue and reduce expenses to the casino operator.