Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sightline Payments: Message to Casino ATM Patrons

Casino patrons should have confidence and trust when they use their credit and ATM cards in casinos. Unfortunately, some of the casino industry's largest Global providers of Cash Access and ATM products fall short in meeting this expectation.

Here is an ATM incident reported in the Las Vegas Sun where "40,000 customers nationwide were charged for cash withdrawals, but did not receive their cash" Article: Casino ATM Operator Fixing Cash Withdrawal Problem. You can also check out Casino ATM Customer Complaints and TechNewsWorld Discussion to read what casino ATM victims have to say.

If you are a casino patron that has experienced bad service, had your account erroneously debited by a casino ATM provider, or had your personal information shared with third parties without your permission, you should let your favorite casino know about a better choice out there- one where your sensitive or personal data will never be compromised. Sightline Payments is the provider on your side.

Learn more about how your data is protected with PCI-DSS and SAS 70 Type II compliance.

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Sightline Payments said...

Casino Patrons: let your voice be heard by the casino industry operators and regulators by posting your casino ATM experience on this blog.

Susan said...

The ATMs should just work anyway, but, the fees that GCA charges in the casino are a bigger issue- very expensive and they keeping raising the rates. Paying $4 or $5 to get your own money is highway robbery. I think it's great that a new company has come along that can do it cheaper.

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