Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sightline Payments: Message to Casino ATM Patrons

Casino patrons should have confidence and trust when they use their credit and ATM cards in casinos. Unfortunately, some of the casino industry's largest Global providers of Cash Access and ATM products fall short in meeting this expectation.

Here is an ATM incident reported in the Las Vegas Sun where "40,000 customers nationwide were charged for cash withdrawals, but did not receive their cash" Article: Casino ATM Operator Fixing Cash Withdrawal Problem. You can also check out Casino ATM Customer Complaints and TechNewsWorld Discussion to read what casino ATM victims have to say.

If you are a casino patron that has experienced bad service, had your account erroneously debited by a casino ATM provider, or had your personal information shared with third parties without your permission, you should let your favorite casino know about a better choice out there- one where your sensitive or personal data will never be compromised. Sightline Payments is the provider on your side.

Learn more about how your data is protected with PCI-DSS and SAS 70 Type II compliance.

To learn more about Sightline Payments please call 702-851-4747 or visit

Sightline Payments: Message to Prospective Clients

The casino cash access and ticket redemption business has been a passion of our management team for more than a decade. We deliver new and innovative ways of redeeming tickets and delivering cash to your patrons, while at the same time reducing your costs, increasing your commissions, and creating operational efficiencies.

Our targeted mission is to make Sightline Payments the gaming industry's preferred cash access and ticket redemption provider by focusing on delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, exceptional guest experience, and consistently fulfilling our "Customer Focused" promise.

We believe our competitive advantage simply boils down to better products and better service for less money. You can have confidence in choosing Sightline Payments as your ticket redemption and cash access partner knowing you have one of the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable managment teams behind you.

With two-thirds or more of your gaming revenue being derived from cash access services, coupled with the key operational importance of ticket redemption kiosks- we think it's worth your time to look at another option for your business and your valued patrons.

We hope once you learn more about who we are, what we offer, and how we price our solutions, you will conclude Sightline Payments is the superior choice for your business.


Kirk Sanford, Tom Sears, Diran Kludjian
Sightline Payments Founders and Management